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Canned pork pâté” – an easy-to-read translation in 16 characters.


25g of salt per kg of meat
4g of ground pepper per kilo of meat
12cl of cognac
1kg of pork liver
1kg of fresh pork belly
1kg of pork
2 eggs per kg of meat


Step 1

Chop all the meat and mix it all together with the ingredients.

Step 2

Put in jars and sterilize for 2 hours and a quarter, making sure to cover the jars with water and wrap them to prevent them from bursting!

Step 3

Let cool in the sterilizer and check the next day for the tightness of the jars.

Step 4

If necessary, you can re-sterilize for half an hour the next day for more safety.

Step 5

Note: preferably use jars of 500 ml maximum.


1 wooden spoonBestsellers
1 blenderBestsellers
1 lidBestsellers