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Crayfish tail ravioli


for 4 people

4 spinach lasagna sheets

4 handfuls of julienned vegetables

24 cooked crayfish tails

12 scallops

1 can of lobster bisque

20 cl of whipping cream

2 tablespoons of crème fraîche


1. Grease ramekins (such as crème brûlée ramekins). Pre-cook the lasagna sheets in salted water (only for 3 minutes to soften them well). Cut 2 circles in each lasagna sheet. Put a circle in the bottom of each ramekin.

2. Sauté the julienned vegetables in butter. Season with salt and pepper. Then, place the julienned vegetables in each ramekin on top of the lasagna sheet circle. Add 6 crayfish tails per ramekin. Close with the second lasagna sheet circle. Cover in whipping cream. Cook at 180°C (thermostat 6) for approximately 25 minutes with aluminum foil on top to prevent the lasagna sheet from drying out.

3. Dilute the lobster bisque with 2 tablespoons of crème fraîche. Sauté the scallops in a pan.

To finish: Plate the dish by removing the ramekins. Place 3 scallops and some julienned vegetables on the ravioli for decoration. Pour the lobster bisque sauce around the dish.