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Forest Mushroom Alouettes without Heads


4 thin and regular veal escalopes

100g lardons, ham or bacon sticks

8 round bacon slices

3 or 4 garlic cloves

a small bouquet of parsley

4 or 5 mushrooms

1 leek

4 tablespoons of fresh cream

salt, pepper

poultry string


1. Prepare the stuffing: chop the mushrooms with the garlic, parsley and lardons (or ham). You can use an electric mini-chopper. Flatten the escalopes with a rolling pin or with the flat side of a chopper on a cutting board.

2. Spread a little stuffing over each escalope (avoid the edges).

3. Place two bacon slices on top of the stuffing.

4. Then roll everything up tightly, going from the narrower end to the wider end of the escalope.

5. Tie the parcels with string at each end and in the middle. Season with salt and pepper. Wash and slice the leek.

Finally, in a casserole dish, gently brown the paupiettes on each side covered in a little oil for about 20 minutes. Reserve them. Then sauté the leeks in the juices released by the paupiettes, deglazing with a little water if necessary. Once the leeks are cooked (translucent), add the fresh cream and then put the paupiettes back in the casserole dish and let simmer until ready to serve.