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Haddock with Parsnip & Crayfish” – a tasteful dish in just 80 chars!


For 4 persons

200 g cooked crayfish

400 g haddock fillet

2 roots of parsley (tuberous parsley)

2 endives

4 tablespoons of salmon eggs

For the saffron sauce:

2 tablespoons semi-thick cream

4 tablespoons of natural yogurt

1 fine knife tip of mustard

1 pinch of saffron powder

1 small finely chopped shallot

Salt, freshly ground pepper

Fresh dill, flat-leaf parsley, chives to taste


1 Soak the haddock in cold water for at least 2 hours, changing the water at least once. Poach the haddock in a simmering unsalted water. Drain and dry thoroughly, cut into pieces.

2 Peel and cut the tuberous parsley into pieces, steam for about 10 minutes, let it cool. Wash the endives, keep the leaves whole.

3 Prepare the sauce by mixing in order of mustard and saffron, then adding the cream, yogurt, finely chopped shallot and herbs. Season with salt and pepper. Season the haddock cut into pieces, crayfish, and tuberous parsley with this sauce.

To finish, place the haddock, crayfish, and tuberous parsley in the center of the plates. Place the endive leaves all around. Scatter with salmon eggs.