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Mamé’s Périgord salad” – simple and concise!


4 tomatoes (or 8 to 12 cherry tomatoes)

20 walnuts

Mustard (traditional or old-fashioned)

Raspberry vinegar, or balsamic vinegar if unavailable



Sliced dried duck breast

1 can of duck gizzards confit (or fresh gizzards for a better taste)

1 salad of your choice

1 small can of corn

Walnut oil


Step 1

It’s really simple…

Step 2

Clean the salad, strain it, and place it in a salad bowl.

Step 3

Prepare the vinaigrette in a bowl, add a pinch of salt, a little pepper, a good spoonful of mustard, a tablespoon of vinegar, and three tablespoons of walnut oil.

Step 4

If you make this dish as the main course, you can double the amount of vinaigrette for more salad!

Step 5

Pour the vinaigrette over the salad and mix it well.

Step 6

Warm the gizzards slowly either in the microwave (if they are in a freshness sachet) or in a pan (if they are in a can).

Step 7

While the gizzards are warming, place the salad on the plates, sprinkle with walnut kernels and corn, and place the tomatoes cut into quarters (or whole if they are cherry tomatoes).

Step 8

Arrange the fine slices of duck breast on the edge of the plate.

Step 9

Once the gizzards are warmed, place them in the center of the plates. Use a skimmer to remove excess fat from the pan!

Step 10

Serve hot!

Step 11

Variations… You can add hard-boiled eggs, bacon bits, raw ham, foie gras, carrot sticks, … But this version is my grandmother’s!


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