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Milanese-style Ossobuco with Yellow Risotto” – 39 characters

Today, let’s take a gastronomic journey through Lombardy’s culinary tradition. It’s tough to choose the one dish that represents this region excellently, but in our ranking, the Milanese-style ossobuco with a yellow risotto is undoubtedly at the top, followed by the classic Milanese risotto, the Milanese-style cutlet, and the Valtellina’s pizzoccheri. At the GialloZafferano kitchen, we had the honor of hosting a great chef, Alessandro Negrini, who revealed all his secrets to prepare this dish! His special gremolada includes garlic chips instead of minced garlic, and lemon zest is added to the pan at the end of cooking with parsley to release all its aromas. Patience, quality ingredients, and some techniques will allow you to obtain a star-studded dish to bring to the table and enjoy with your family.

Milanese-style ossobuco with yellow risotto

Ingredients for the broth (for ossobuco and risotto)

Chicken wings 800g

Water 6l

Carrots 60g

Celery 25g

Golden onions 30g

Parsley (stems only) 15g

Coarse salt 18g

Whole black peppercorns 8

Bay leaf small 1 leaf

Calories for Milanese-style ossobuco with yellow risotto

Difficulty: Medium Preparation: 45 min Cooking: 3 h 15 min Serves: 4 people Cost: Medium Note more 5 hours to soak saffron

Preparation of Milanese-style ossobuco with yellow risotto