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Pan-fried Ormeaux

– Butter
– Salt
– Pepper
– Wild abalone

Step 1:
Extract the abalone from their shells and keep only the white foot (or muscle). The organs are great for adding flavor to fish or crab soup.

Step 2:
The feet should be tenderized. Place them in a cloth and beat them with a mallet or even a rolling pin. Take care not to turn them into mush!

Step 3:
Place them in the refrigerator for approximately 24 hours on a plate covered with plastic wrap. Then cook them quickly with butter, a little salt, and pepper in a pan.

– 1 set of 3 pans (Check our selection of the best pans)
– 1 rolling pin (Top picks for rolling pins)
– 1 whisk (Top 5 picks for whisks)
– 1 kitchen scale (Top picks for kitchen scales)
– 1 plate