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Parmesan Croquettes (Italy): Delicious Italian bites with cheesy flavor.

70g butter or margarine
70g flour
frying oil
40cl milk
3 egg yolks
150g Parmesan cheese
nutmeg (according to taste)
egg whites

Step 1
Make a very thick béchamel sauce with butter, flour, and milk.

Step 2
Off the heat, add the egg yolks. Add the Parmesan cheese, nutmeg, salt, and pepper, to taste.

Step 3
Allow the mixture to cool in a dish placed in the fridge for about an hour.

Step 4
Divide the mixture into 8 parts and, one by one, coat them in flour, egg whites, and breadcrumbs.

Step 5
Heat oil in a fryer or a deep frying pan to about 180°C and fry the croquettes.

Step 6
Let them drain on absorbent paper.

1 fryer
1 pan
1 brush
1 kitchen scale
1 dish