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Pork rillettes” – Delicious spread made from slow-cooked pork, perfect for sandwiches and appetizers.


2 teaspoons quatre-épices

10g salt

4g pepper

1 cup water

700g pork (or alternatively, shoulder)

300g goose fat (or duck fat or lard, which is even cheaper)


Step 1:

Cut the meat into 3 x 3 cm pieces.

Step 2:

Cook the meat with the water and fat on the lowest possible heat (an electric stove facilitates monitoring).

Step 3:

Starting at the 3-hour mark, check for any remaining water and continue cooking until all liquid has disappeared. When there is no more water, finish crushing the meat with a fork. Let cool.

Step 4:

Put the rillettes in jars (maximum shelf life of one and a half weeks) or in sterilized jars (the rillettes can then be stored for several months).


One knife

Top 3 knives

One oven

Top ovens

One fork