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Sausage quiche” – a tasty and easy-to-make savory pie with a crispy crust and flavorful sausage filling.


for 6 people

250g puff pastry

10 Knackwurst sausages

2 whole eggs

150g grated Gruyere cheese

25cl light fresh cream

15cl milk

1 tablespoon mustard



1 Roll out the puff pastry. Line a floured tart pan with the pastry. Prick it with a fork. Brush it with mustard.

2 Cut the Knackwurst sausages into small rounds. Arrange them on the bottom of the pastry. Sprinkle 75g grated Gruyere cheese on top.

3 In a bowl, mix together the eggs, light fresh cream, milk, and pepper.

4 Pour the mixture over the pastry and sausage. Sprinkle the other 75g of grated Gruyere cheese on top.

5 Bake in a medium oven for about 35 minutes.

Finally, serve the tart hot or warm.