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Savory rustic pie” – Short, clear, and easy to understand in English.

Icy water, cold butter, and flour are the three simple ingredients that often transform into a basic and easy-to-make recipe in your hands: the shortcrust pastry. A neutral dough that can be filled as desired for summer savory pies, such as the savory zucchini pie, eggplant pie, or potato and mortadella pie, always tasty and different, colorful and perfect for appetizers or to serve as a rustic appetizer. We have been inspired by the concept of rustic to make this savory rustic pie, using tasty speck, fontina cheese and crispy potato slices. The most fun thing will be creating the edge of the pie… discover how we did it and send us your variations to make original and creative decorations!

Savory Rustic Pie
Ingredients for shortcrust pastry (for a 24 cm mold)
Icy water: 70g
Flour 00: 200g
Cold butter from the fridge: 100g
Fine salt: q.b.
Calories Savory Rustic Pie
Difficulty: Easy
Preparation: 20 min
Cooking: 60 min
Servings: 8 people
Cost: Low

PREPARATION Savory Rustic Pie
How to prepare Savory Rustic Pie

To prepare the savory rustic pie, start with the shortcrust pastry: pour the 00 flour into a mixer, add the cold butter in pieces. Then add the salt and the icy water. Start the blades just long enough to create a sandy compound.

Then pour the mixture obtained on a work surface, knead everything quickly by hand until you get a compact and elastic dough.

Form a ball, wrap it in plastic wrap, and then place it in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. In the meantime, wash and peel the potato, and slice it into thin slices of about 2-3 mm with a mandolin or a knife; transfer the slices to a bowl filled with fresh water to prevent them from blackening.

Take the speck and cut it into strips of 3-4 mm, then move on to the fontina cheese: cut it into strips, then dice it into about 1 cm cubes.

After the resting time of the shortcrust pastry, take it and roll it out with a rolling pin on a lightly floured work surface. You will need to obtain a 4-5 mm thick sheet. Cut it with a 24 cm diameter pastry cutter and keep the excess pastry aside to make the edge of the savory rustic pie.

Then put the shortcrust pastry disc you have made in a 24 cm diameter mold (if possible with a removable bottom). Knead by hand the remaining dough to compact it, then start working it with your hands to create a rope that should be about 1 meter and a half long and then fold it in half. Starting from the united part, start rolling the cord in on itself to create a braided pattern.

Once finished, seal the ends and roll the rope into a spiral to create the edge of your savory rustic pie. When finished, seal the ends. Preheat the oven in static mode at 190 degrees, then move on to fill the pie: place the speck strips on the bottom, then cover with the diced fontina cheese and finally distribute over the entire surface the slices of potatoes drained from the cold water they were in, slightly overlapping them to carefully cover the entire surface. Season with salt and pepper to taste, then sprinkle with thyme leaves and paprika. Finally, brush the edges of the savory rustic pie with milk.

Cook the pie in a preheated static oven for 60 minutes at 190 degrees. Once cooked, take out the savory rustic pie and let it cool before removing it from the mold and placing it on a serving dish.

You can keep the savory rustic pie in the fridge for a couple of days covered with aluminum foil or plastic wrap and reheat it before serving. You can freeze the shortcrust pastry wrapped in plastic wrap for about 1 month. You can freeze the savory pie either raw or cooked, after letting it cool completely.

You can replace the speck with raw ham and the fontina cheese with caciocavallo if you prefer. What do you say then in trying to decorate the savory rustic pie with sweet potato slices, mushrooms, or pumpkin if the season allows it?