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Smoked salmon blinis with snowy bed.





10 cl of whipped cream (or liquid cream)

3 creamy squares

smoked salmon

lumpfish eggs



Step 1

Mash the creamy squares with a fork then add salt, pepper, chives.

Step 2

Whip the whipped cream and gently incorporate the mixture of creamy squares to obtain a creamy mixture.

Step 3

Take a blini, fill it with the previous mixture, add a piece of smoked salmon, then a little lumpfish eggs.

Step 4

Fill the others, then place them in a serving dish with neatly cut lemon slices and mini tomatoes.

Step 5

Can be enjoyed as an entree, or as a main dish with walnut oil salad, or as an appetizer.


1 oven

1 fork

1 salad bowl

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1 dish