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Soft and Fluffy Focaccia

La focaccia is the perfect snack! Fragrant and warm, just out of the oven with the unmistakable aroma of home and genuineness! Today, we propose soft focaccia, great on its own and even better when accompanied with cold cuts or grilled vegetables, that can also be used as a filling! If you are a lover of savory snacks, here is the recipe you were looking for to bring together both adults and children at the table, ideal also for a picnic! We have chosen to flavor it in the most classic way: with rosemary and savory flakes of salt that will slowly melt and release a pleasant salty taste on the surface. We are sure that soft focaccia will become one of your favorite preparations and, while you’re at it, try the mini version with the recipe for focaccine or our version with potatoes!

Soft Focaccia

Ingredients for a 26 cm diameter baking pan

500 g flour 00

300 g room temperature water

20 g extra virgin olive oil

5 g fine salt

4 g fresh brewer’s yeast

Calories for soft focaccia

Difficulty: Medium Preparation: 10 min Cooking: 40 min Serves: 6 Cost: Low Note + 3 hours for leavening

Preparation for soft focaccia

How to prepare soft focaccia

To prepare the soft focaccia, first crumble the yeast into the water and mix until completely dissolved. Then pour the flour into the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the dough hook.

Add the water with the dissolved yeast and start kneading at low speed. Then add the salt and finally the oil slowly.

When the dough is smooth and homogeneous, stop the mixer. It should take about 10 minutes. Grease the work surface with a drizzle of oil, then transfer the dough onto it.

Knead the dough with your hands, just enough time to give it a spherical shape. Then transfer it to a bowl and cover it with plastic wrap.

Let it leaven for 2 hours at room temperature. After this time, take the leavened dough, thoroughly grease a high baking pan with a diameter of 26cm with oil. Put the dough in the center and spread it over the entire surface of the pan with your hands.

Cover with plastic wrap and let it leaven for 1 hour in the turned off oven with the light on (always at a temperature between 25°-28°). In the meantime, prepare a brine by mixing water with oil.

Once the leavening time is up, take the dough again and press the surface with the tips of your fingers to create the typical holes of the focaccia. Then spread the brine, flakes of salt, and rosemary needles over it.

Add the brine, rosemary needles, and bake in a preheated ventilated oven at 200° for 40 minutes. Once cooked, take out your soft focaccia, let it cool slightly, then remove it from the pan and serve it still warm!


Soft focaccia can be preserved for 1-2 days in a paper bag. It can be frozen once cooked and cooled, then thawed and heated later if necessary.


Once cooked, it can be opened in half and filled with whatever you prefer. You can, for example, add cheese while it’s still warm so it melts, then add ham or other condiments you like!