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Yogurt-infused plum cake

Simple things are always the best. Having breakfast with this yogurt plumcake together with the whole family will be one of the moments you will love the most. Thanks to master pastry chef Iginio Massari, making the classic homemade plumcake will be really simple, you just need to follow some small tips: blend all the ingredients in a mixer and cook the velvety dough you will get to create a very soft and fragrant dessert. Just like tradition dictates, every classic plumcake must be cooked in a mold that is twice as long as it is wide so as to obtain the right balance even in shape. Make the yogurt plumcake recipe yourself, it will be perfect for any occasion!

Yogurt Plumcake Ingredients

Ingredients for 2 molds of 16×8 cm

Flour 300g

Eggs (about 5) 300g

Butter 200g

Powdered sugar 200g

Greek yogurt 150g

Potato starch 50g

Baking powder for cakes 15g

Vanilla pod seeds 1

Fine salt 4g

Yogurt Plumcake Calories

Difficulty: Easy Preparation: 15 min Cooking: 45 min Cost: Low Note from the EDITORIAL STAFF: We recommend using a powerful mixer. Before taking it out of the oven, perform the toothpick test and if it is not well cooked, continue by covering the surface with aluminum foil or parchment paper.

Yogurt Plumcake Preparation

How to prepare the Yogurt Plumcake

First of all, make sure that all the ingredients are at a temperature of 24°. At this point, use a mixer with powerful and spacious blades. First, add the vanilla pod seeds 1, the cubed butter, the flour 2, the eggs 3,

Greek yogurt, powdered sugar 4, salt, baking powder 5, and potato starch 6 to the container.

Work everything at maximum speed for about 3 and a half minutes. In the meantime, butter and flour two slightly flared 16×8 cm molds. As soon as you have obtained a homogeneous mixture 7, transfer it to the inside of the molds 8. As a final touch, dip a grapefruit knife, or the blade of a knife, first in melted butter 9

and then in the center of the first plumcake 10. Repeat the same operation for the second one 11. This will allow for uniform growth during cooking. Now, take care of the baking of the plumcakes, which will have to be cooked in a preheated static oven in 2 phases: first at 185°C for 15 minutes, then at 165°C for 30 minutes. As soon as they are cooked, take them out of the oven and let them cool completely 12.

At this point, remove them from the mold and decorate them with powdered sugar using a strip of cardboard to put on the central crack 13 14. The yogurt plumcakes are ready to be enjoyed 15.


The yogurt plumcake can be stored for a week at room temperature covered with a glass dome. Alternatively, it can be frozen for a month.


The principle chosen to make this plumcake is that of homogenization: by using adequate temperatures of the ingredients and maximum speed of the machine, you will get an excellent result!

The secret to perfect cooking? Use a thermometer to measure the temperature at the heart of the plumcake: it must be between 95° and 97°.

If you want, you can enrich the dough with chocolate chips.